Club Defibrillator

In 2005 Eglish St Patrick’s were presented with a defibrillator from the Cormac Trust. This device is currently housed within a cabinet on the wall at the Sports Hall, within the grounds at Fr. Connolly Park. Upon entering through the main gates at Fr. Connolly Park, it is clearly visible (as per photo below) on the wall to your right. Importantly, the defibrilator is available for use within the entire community. If it is ever required it could possibly save the life of a person who may have heart problems. In emergency, any of the following people may be contacted (all are trained to use the defibrilator).

Conor Daly 028 37547955
Roisin Jordan 028 37549916
Rose McCann 028 87723578
Yvonne Laverty 028 37548501
Frances Barrett 028 37549461
Ciaran McVeigh 028 87727810