An Eaglais le Chéile

The Club today…

Today Cumann Naomh Pádraig, An Eaglais, although viewed as a Gaelic Football and Camogie club, is the principal provider of leisure facilities in the locality.  The club caters for all males and females of the community through Gaelic Football and Camogie.

Although the football and camogie are separate clubs constitutionally, this separation in reality is only on paper as both clubs work together to form a complete family of Father and Mother, Son and Daughter, Brother and Sister.  Combined, the Football and Camogie Clubs field over 20 teams from age six to adult.

The current membership, youth and adult, is approximately 400.  As well as Camogie and Football activities the current facilities are also used by other community groups from dancing and drama to bowls and badminton.

Moreover, it is a symbol and repository of the hopes of the local community, for which it provides diverse services and functions.

Cumann Naomh Pádraig has always been progressive in its development…

  • 1950’s Club formed
  • 1960’s Fr. Connolly Park purchased and developed
  • 1970’s Changing rooms built
  • 1980’s Sports Hall built
  • 1990’s Fr. Connolly Park renovated
  • 2000’s Development of Páirc Chormaic
  • 2010′s………………….

Páirc Chormaic

Páirc Chormaic is the latest development project to be undertaken by Cumann Naomh Pádraig.  This project commenced in 2005 with the purchase of the ground.  Plans were drawn up and work on the first phase began in 2009.  Phase 1, now complete, saw the completion of laying of the sand carpet pitch and erection of the flood lights.  Phase 2 will include the construction of changing facilities and the provision of car parking.

Once completed this facility will be among the best in the county, if not the whole country.  This will be a facility that you as a member of the Eglish community will be proud of.

What is An Eaglais Le Chéile?

An Eaglais Le Chéile (translates to “Eglish Together”) is an exciting new investment project being undertaken by Cumann Naomh Pádraig.  This is an investment in our future and funds will be invested in sports and recreational facilities within our community.

By subscribing and becoming a member of An Eaglais Le Chéile you can be proud that:

  • You were part of this vision
  • You made it happen
  • You helped move Eglish club forward

The principal project is the development of Páirc Chormaic.  This much needed facility will relieve some of the pressure that Fr. Connolly Park has experienced over the past few years.

Later projects will include the upgrading of the Sports Hall and improvement of spectator facilities at Fr. Connolly Park.


To support An Eaglais Le Chéile you are invited to pledge one of three amounts to the project.

  • £ 10.00 per month
  • £ 20.00 per month
  • £ 50.00 per month

In turn each member will receive a club jacket and entry into a quarterly draw.