Irish Language classes at Garvaghey

Coiste Cultúir agus Teanga proposes to organise Irish Language classes at Garvaghey for total beginners; i.e. those of all ages who have no Irish of any kind any would like to gain a very basic knowledge in the language.

Currently widespread Irish Language classes are offered, to the general public, including members of local GAA clubs, by the local district councils – (Fermanagh and Omagh, Cookstown, Dungannon and Strabane; Irish Language support groups – Glór na nGael, Conrad na Gaeilge, Cairde Uí Néill (Clonoe), Clogher Valley Support Group, Michaela Foundation, Ceoltas Ceolteóirí  Éireann based at Dún Uladh and Coill an Chlochair and other local support groups). Some groups also operate at club level. There are also a variety of Coircle Comhrá groups around the county. These courses offer a variety of skills in language development from conversation groups to GCSE preparation, to ‘A’ level preparation to diploma and degree courses at university level.

Our proposal would be for people of all ages who have never had the opportunity to learn Irish at any level. The intent would be to arrange a group of four lessons in very basic skills before Christmas and if this were to be successful with a reasonable level of participation the group would be extended and classes would be arranged at Garvaghey for a further period. On completion of this basic taster it is hoped that any of the learners would have an adequate basic knowledge of the language to join one of the listed groups above if they wished to acquire an extended knowledge of the language.

It is anticipated that the courses would be provided by some students of the Irish Language who are currently pursuing an ‘A’ level course or are studying Irish at University level. These would be assisted by members of Coiste Cultúir agus Teanga, who have a proficient knowledge of the language.

There would also be provision for a Coircle Comhrá facility in the reception area at Garvaghey at the area designated as Coirnéal Gaeilge. This area was provided in the reception as an area in Garvaghey where anyone interested in speaking Irish could congregate and speak the language freely.

There will be a registration session at Garvaghey on Wednesday 1st November at 8.00 pm for anyone who would like more information on the proposed project or would like to participate in the scheme.


The course would also be free of any charges.


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