St Mungo’s Luganulk 2 – The Umpire Strikes Back, Saturday 2nd November

The club are hosting “St Mungo’s Luganulk 2 – The Umpire Strikes Back” in Sports Hall on Saturday 2nd November, at 8:30pm.
This is a hugely successful and hilarious show written by and staring the incredibly talented TV presenters, playwrights and actors Conor Grimes and Alan McKee.
Once officially the worst Gaelic football team in Ireland, St Mungo’s have now turned everything around. They are climbing up the league, the Mini-Mungo’s are blitzing blitzes all over Ulster and the new Ladies team is quickly gaining a reputation for being anything but ladylike on the pitch.

Plans for the club’s centenary celebrations are in full swing when a clash of egos in the committee leads to that most Irish of problems – a split.

The good folk of Luganulk try to mediate, but before long they are embroiled in a vicious circle of internecine slagging and dirty looks at Mass.

To the joyous astonishment of their heartless next-door neighbours and ruthless enemies St Ergnot’s, St Mungo’s begin a war within themselves – a war with no winners. A war with only losers. A losers’ war with no winners… only losers.

What they need is a hero. Someone to save the day. Someone to save St Mungo’s. Again.

Tickets are available from;
McCanns Shop
Dalys Spar
Any committee member



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